The size and complexity of data centers have increased dramatically over the past decade because of new technologies, the explosion of data, and heightened security concerns. However, as today’s data centers grow in size and complexity, so do the challenges of project management.

A successful data center project management solution should:

  • Coordinate relationships among IT, facilities and the business
  • Improve project success rates
  • Decrease risk, schedule delays and budget overruns

With today’s resource limitations, IT professionals often lack the resources to fully manage complex projects involving multiple vendors, departments and disciplines. A program/change management solution is needed to provide an effective, consistent management solution for all project issues and areas.

When Collective takes responsibility for part or all of your data center projects, our full-time and dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) is put into operation. At the outset of each project, the Collective PROXIMITY assembles a multi-disciplined team of partners and advisors to collaborate on every aspect of project management, from initial requirements to post-implementation audits.

PROXIMITY and Collective Project Managers provide you with a single, constant, anchored point of contact for all issues and areas, including work by subcontractors. Collective provides a variety of PROXIMITY solutions to manage data center projects, regardless of size or complexity. We can augment in-house management staff and even help you set up your own PMO. In addition, the Collective PMO approach is based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and provides organizations the structure they need to both standardize project management practices and facilitate the marriage among IT, facilities, and the business.

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