Today’s CIOs face conflicting priorities. On one hand, they are under pressure to deliver service enabling applications that will build competitive differentiation for their business. On the other, they constantly wage a battle to control costs . Operating costs in particular keep climbing as organizations are obliged to add IT solutions to manage threats, control access, assure service levels and sustain compliance.

The dilemma is: how do enterprises balance their IT budgets while simultaneously freeing up resources to support their goals for growth? Somehow, there must be a balance between driving down operating costs and investing in the innovations that will create differentiation and new opportunities for growth.

Certainly, the right network infrastructure plays a key role in controlling IT costs. But a business network should also be viewed as a platform for innovation. ProZone Networks defines high performance networking as a comprehensive infrastructure designed to provide fast, reliable and secure access to applications and services over a single network.

High-performance enterprises invest in IT not only to maintain their existing services through growth and change, but also to create new services that differentiate them from the competition.

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